Williams Sisters Version 3.0


This will be the thirtieth time that the sisters will face each other as opponents in a tennis match and younger sister Serena leads the head-to-head 17:12; however, a lot has changed in both of their lives over the last couple of years. Serena Williams gave birth to her daughter and had a recovery that was complicated by another pulmonary embolus. Venus Williams continues to battle with Sjogren’s Syndrome and each week it seems she has some niggling injury to deal with that involves her joints. After her amazing season last year, Venus is struggling to recapture that form; yet, the same can be said for Serena, who is also struggling to recapture her top form following her complicated maternity leave.

Venus is thirty-eight and Serena is thirty-six years old and time is no longer on their side as much as they would love to believe otherwise. There is no denying that they are both still very passionate about the sport; however, let’s be honest, they are closer to the end of their careers than the beginning despite their desire to keep playing. At some point, they will have to retire; however, not just yet and that is why we will see them battle tomorrow for a chance to get to the fourth round of the US Open.

Venus defeated Serena earlier this season in Indian Wells, 6-3, 6-4; however, that was Serena’s first WTA Tour event since the delivery of her daughter and Serena has gotten better. Serena made it to the final at Wimbledon; however, the question remains, is it enough to defeat her older sister?

Has the novelty of competing against each other worn off enough for the sisters to compete at their highest level at the same time? Or, is it too much to expect that these two can every face each other across the net and play with the same ferocious intensity that they do when they face some other opponent?

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