Yannik Sinner Wins NextGen ATP Finals Title


NextGen ATP Finals, Milan Championship Match: [18] Alex de Minaur (AUS) vs. [95] Yannik Sinner (ITA)

Sinner Gets Lucky Break

Sinner needed a wild card to get into this tournament of his ranking and the eighteen-year-old Italian made full use of his opportunity. Standing in the way of the young Italian and the trophy was last year’s finalist and number one seed, de Minaur. Many expected the Australian to win the title; yet, most of the crowd hoped their guy would win and home court advantage had to count for something.

The Italian Stayed Calm

At eighteen years old, Sinner has a big serve; however, he must work on his placement a bit more, which I expect he will do. This young Italian is growing up fast and he already has the calm and confident demeanor of a top veteran. He proved his mettle immediately in his first service game when he fought off break points to hold his serve.

Yannik Sinner

Big Serve and Power Game Dominated

Both guys were tested in their first service game, but they both fought off the initial threat and quickly settled into the match. There was no hesitation from either player early; yet, one of them would blink first. Surprisingly, it was the top twenty player who succumbed to the pressure first. Serving to stay in the first set, the Australian found it difficult to repel the attack from his younger opponent and was on the defensive the entire game. Sinner broke him at love to secure the first set 4-2.

De Minaur Had No Answers

De Minaur would not go down without a fight and seemed ready to take it to the teenager; however, Sinner was having none of it as once again he had to fight off break points in his first service game of the set, and he calmly did so frustrating the Australian. Sinner kept the pressure on and broke his opponent at love in his first service game to further annoy de Minaur.

The Australian never got into the match and that is a testament of how well Sinner played; he kept de Minaur pinned in the back court with his power and he served well when he had break points against his serve. Sinner won 4-2, 4-1, 4-2, saving all nine break points against his serve.

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