Who Is Ons Jabeur?

Ons Jabeur

Ons Jabeur is a twenty-five-year old talented Tunisian female tennis player. She is currently ranked seventy-eighth. The highest she has ever ranked was fifty-one last year. I have watched her for years and wondered, why such a talented player was not ranked higher. I have also wondered why she has not won any titles on the WTA Tour.

I don’t know the circumstances of her life and what she has access to in terms of facility and quality of training, but I wonder if she has not fulfilled her potential because of where lives and the lack of sponsors. She has a history of being prone to injury and withdrawing from tournaments. Is this truly because she is fragile physically or because of inappropriate physical conditioning due to an improper fitness program/training? I am inclined to believe that she struggles physically because of a poor workout program and if she could get the right team behind her and improve her fitness, the tennis world would fully experience her tennis genius.

Getty Images AsiaPac: Ons Jabeur

Make no mistake, Jabeur is a talented tennis player with the ability to do so much with a tennis ball. With her versatility, I understand why she struggles to get consistent results because she has so many options to choose from. Yet, this Australian Open seems to have opened her eyes to her potential and she is having the performance of her life.

Kenin Will Be A Stern Test

She will have her hands full though in the quarterfinals when she faces off against the [14] Sofia Kenin (USA). Kenin has dominated their rivalry, leading their head-to-head 3:1. Kenin has three singles titles to her name and Jabeur still has none. The closest the Tunisian came to winning a title was in 2018.

Getty Images AsiaPac: Sofia Kenin

Can this Australian Open be where she puts it all together? She has done what no other Arab woman has done in tennis, making it to the quarterfinals of a major. Will she keep fighting to get the ultimate prize or will she fold in the next round? I expect Jabeur wants to keep it going.

SOURCE OF IMAGES:Zimbio.com (Getty Images AsiaPac)

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