French Open: Will Nadal Avenge Loss to Schwartzman?

 Diego Schwartzman has always given Nadal trouble and perhaps the change in the schedule played right into the hands of the Argentine.  Rafael Nadal will no doubt be thinking about that and has said that he will have to do something different.  No kidding!

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Does experience and five sets make that much of a difference, or will Schwartzman use the confidence gained from recently defeating Nadal and now Dominic Thiem to pull off what would be the greatest upset of the century?  Jeez, as much as I love his game, I hope he does not; yet, in all fairness, I hope they are both playing quality tennis at the same time.

Kenin vs. Kvitova: ??

We will have to wait until Friday for that showdown; however, in the interim, there is what promises to be two exciting women semifinal matches.  On one hand you have two established women on tour, who will be pitting their skills against the other.  2020 Australian Open champion, Sofia Kenin, would certainly like to be in the final, but she will have to find a way to change her losing record (0:2) against the Czech player, Petra Kvitova.

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An Amazing Opportunity For Both

In the other semifinal, we will see the nineteen-year-old Polish player, who has been turning heads all tournament; [54] Iga Swiatek will face off against [131] Nadia Podoroska of Argentina.  No one is saying much about the twenty-three-year-old Argentine, but she is also having a breakout tournament.  Funny, her last name sounds more Polish than her opponent’s.

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Who Will Get To The Final?

I am excited, I have been admiring Swiatek’s game since I first saw her play.  Who will get to the final? I will have to go with the American; yet that is because I am rooting for my countrywoman.  I do not think she will change her losing record against Kvitova tomorrow. I have not seen Podoroska play, so who knows.  Let us hope for a quality performance from all the players and may the best two advance to the final.

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