What’s Happening In The Tennis World?

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I try to keep up with all the news as it pertains to my favorite players and some of the more notable players.  Of course, if I hear something of interest, I try to make note of it.

Yesterday I was watching live tennis, really paying attention, as opposed to multi-tasking.  What I learned was that a slew of players had been missing from the game for a while.  There are so many players it is exceedingly difficult to keep track of them all.

Players MIA & Back in Action

Coco Vandeweghe originally out for ankle issues had a freak accident with her microwave that destroyed ligaments in her hand.  It has been a slow and painful road back, but it was nice to see her playing yesterday.  She still has power and sarcasm; however, understandably, her timing and fitness need some work.

The Big News: Federer Is Back

Roger Federer is back in action in Doha after being sidelined with knee issues, requiring surgery.  His opponent in his first match back will be Daniel Evans.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, missing in action since January 2020 [back injury], is back in action in Marseille after losing his first-round match last month in Montpellier.  The problem that most athletes face is that eventually their bodies break down from wear and tear.  Add in age and it becomes easier for the body to get injured.  When you play a very physical form of tennis, it takes more of a toll. When you are stockier, it also demands more of the joints.

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Lucas Pouille is also back in action in Marseille.  A promising French player who has seen his career derailed like so many others by injury.  As an athlete there is always some niggling pain.  He has had issues with his back, but it was his right elbow that cause his absence.  He had right elbow surgery and is slowly making his way back.

Nicolas Jarry was back in action on clay in Santiago.  His absence, unlike the above was not due to injury.  The Chilean was out on suspension for allegedly using a “banned substance”.  At a ranking of 746, he was given a wild card because he is Chilean, and his uncle is in charge of the tournament.  Jarry almost took advantage of his opportunity but the American, Frances Tiafoe, stepped up big to claim the three-set victory and squash Jarry’s hopes of a second-round berth.

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