When should a player retire?

MY TWO CENTS:  I admire and appreciate any player who wants to continue  playing well past their prime; however, I think one should retire if they answer yes to three or more of my retirement statements.

  • You are physically incapable due to increased frequency of injuries and/or persistent ailment.
  • You are losing more than 50% of the matches played.
  • You are losing to players you previously dominated.
  • You are no longer able to close out your matches because you have lost the psychological edge.
  • Your once lethal shots are no longer weapons you can rely on.
  • You have lost interest, tennis is no longer your number one priority.

I am all for leaving on your own terms; however, there comes a point of diminishing returns, when even the most determined player must call it quits.


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  1. Ok, one player comes to mind, just off the top of my head…Venus Williams. I believe that almost all of your prerequisites apply. I realize that she still wants to be in the game but, in her present condition and the fact that she cannot pull her game up to its previous level, she definitely should consider retirement. I wholeheartedly believe in bowing out gracefully and I truly believe that she should do this and soon.

    Another player seems to be coming close to fulfilling these retirement requirements and, I hate to say it, “my” Rafa. I can only hope that he will get himself healthy and pull his game up to snuff before it’s too late.

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