Keys wins the battle

2014 Madison KeysAUSTRALIAN OPEN

[CR18] Venus Williams (USA) vs. [CR35] Madison Keys (USA)

It was going to be difficult for Venus to win.  She was up against the hard-hitting and confident Keys.  To succeed she would need to have a great start.  Unfortunately, she started slowly, a result of age, it takes the body a lot longer to get warmed up.  Venus needed to win this match in straight sets, she already had two consecutive draining three setters, a third would be too much as her energy reserves were perhaps depleted.

Though she fought back brilliantly in the second to win it, Venus could not consolidate the breaks she had in the third set.  She gave Keys the opportunity to get back in the match, to her detriment, and Keys took full advantage.  She pushed Venus around with the pace and weight of her shots.  Too often Venus was left frozen in place as winners flew by.  Fatigue was a factor, as she was not getting to the ball in time to put her weight behind her shots.  This was a tough loss for Venus, 3-6, 6-4, 4-6

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