A matter of belief

032015 Pablo AndujarBarcelona Open Banc Sabadell, Spain

[CR66] Pablo Andujar (ESP) vs. [CR67] Albert Ramos Vinolas (ESP)

If you look at the rankings, there is not much separating these players; however, if you look at their records, the difference is obvious.  Ramos Vinolas has never won an ATP World Tour title. That single fact changed the complexity of this match.  When you have won a title, you are mentally more prepared to battle the obstacles encountered during a match.  You understand better how to stay focused and overcome set-backs.  Andujar was down a break in the first set and it appeared as if Ramos Vinolas would win the set, serving to go up 5-2.  Yet, that is where mental fortitude and belief come into play; Andujar believed he could break back and Ramos Vinolas had doubts about his ability to hold on to the lead. In tennis, being distracted can prove very costly and doubt is the biggest distraction a player must conquer if he hopes to be successful.  Ramos Vinolas found that out today as he squandered the lead and his frustration mounted as he further succumbed to the deleterious effects of uncertainty. Andujar elevated his game as his confidence grew, and won the match 6-4, 6-1.

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