It takes more than talent

2015 Australian Open - Day 1Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters, Monaco

Men’s Semifinals: [CR8] Tomas Berdych (CZE) vs. [CR18] Gael Monfils (FRA)

Monfils never showed up for the match to make it worth watching.  He conceded defeat even before he stepped on court and basically just went through the motions.  There was no conviction in his shots and he never committed to fighting for the match.  This lack of interest in such a crucial match is one of the reasons why Monfils will remain in the second tier of players despite his amazing skills. It will remain a mystery as to why he does this repeatedly on big occasions.  How does a coach handle a player like Monfils who has the talent but lacks the desire?

Berdych on the other hand makes the most of his talent and there is no doubt that he desires more.  His problem remains the road blocks encountered in the form of the top ranked players.  He struggles to defeat them.  He will prefer to face Rafael Nadal in the final as the memory of his recent defeat of Nadal is still fresh in his mind.  For now he will take a moment to enjoy making it to his first Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters final with the 6-1, 6-4 defeat of Monfils.


  1. One can’t help but wonder what’s going on in Monfils’ head. As I watched the match, I couldn’t put the pieces together. How could one with so much talent, lack drive. There are so many players with drive and lack the talent. I cant help but to think perhaps tennis is not for him. What’s the sense of having talent and no desire to be victorious, why not just not play at all. Great talent being wasted.

  2. I agree with Joslyn about this article.. When he gets on the court, it’s clear he is quite talented; however. it is also clear that it doesn’t matter whether he wins or loses.

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