Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters, Monaco


042015 Rafael NadalMen’s Semifinals: [CR1] Novak Djokovic (SRB) vs. [CR5] Rafael Nadal (ESP)

Every tennis fan, commentator and casual observer of the game will be watching this semifinal match.  Everyone, closely and loosely connected to the sport, is curious and will want to see how Nadal performs against Djokovic.  No one has been able to challenge Djokovic in a long time, Roger Federer has sporadically pushed him and even beaten him, but not consistently dominated him.

012015 Novak DjokovicNadal, when he was at his prime was able to do that in consecutive matches; yet, Nadal has publicized that he is not feeling confident and not anywhere close to competing at the level he once did.  Therefore, what does this mean for tomorrow’s match? Nadal is tired, emotionally and physically, and tomorrow will test his reserves.  Can he control his anxiety enough to allow him to focus on playing the quality tennis he is capable of? Does he realistically have a chance of defeating Djokovic?  Their head-to-head stands at 23:19 in favor of Nadal, will he make it 24:19?  Or do we just hope that he can hang in there long enough and make Djokovic work for the victory?  Questions and more questions, and tomorrow Nadal will answer them.


  1. Was so hopeful for Mr Nadal. The obstacles and monsters he has encountered, has prevented him from reclaiming his position. No doubt he is the best clay court player. But it is Mr Djokovic’s time to shine. Question is , if he wins over Mr Berdych, will he claim Roland Garros? Nadal, might still be a hard stepping stone on his way!

    1. Rafael Nadal had chances, the problem was he was not quite convinced that he could beat Novak Djokovic. Even when he had the break, he could not hold on to the lead. This is all a result of his persistent struggles with low confidence. The worry is will he get it back in time for Roland Garros. It would be a nice boost for the rest of his season if he could win the French Open.

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