In the same boat

042015 Sloane StephensInternationaux de Strasbourg, France

[CR25] Jelena Jankovic (SRB) vs. [CR41] Sloane Stephens (USA)

Both players are currently in the same boat, struggling to find their form. The difference, Jankovic is almost finishing her journey, while Stephens is just beginning hers.  What impact does this have on their level of commitment? They both seem to be lacking in motivation, a result of a lack of confidence or resulting in their lack of confidence? There is a direct relationship between confidence and results. The more you win, the more confident you become and definitely, the more confident you are, the more you win.  When this relationship is fractured, problems arise.

Stephens and Jankovic are trying to find solutions for their respective problems.  Jankovic may have played too much tennis in her effort to find a solution.  Unfortunately, she has not gotten the results she wanted and now appears to have suffered an injury. Play begins at Roland Garros in three days, will Jankovic recover in time? Stephens won 6-1, 0-0 (RET) against a physically compromised Jankovic. What positives can she take away from this match going forward? Many will be curious to see how all the struggling players perform at the season’s second major.

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