logo001Change, a constant in life, dictates that all things will eventually come to an end.  Thus, the desire to negate this fact is not only delusional, but will ultimately lead to frustration. Roger Federer had his time of dominance, then it was Rafael Nadal, and now it appears to be the time of Novak Djokovic. Therefore, should we be surprised that Nadal is no longer performing at his peak? As much as his fans may hope for him to remain a dominant force on tour, we have to accept that what we are observing may simply be the natural course of his tennis career.

Change, we may not like it and may even resist it; however, in the end, we all must accept the fact that we cannot abort change. The sooner we adjust to the changes taking place within and around us, the quicker we will find another path to accomplishing our goals. Federer went through a transitional period and is no longer the dominant force he once was; however, he has made peace with that realization.  He understands that he will lose more matches than before, but his love for the sport propels him forward. As Nadal continues to struggle during this period of transition, he needs to understand his motivation for playing tennis and proudly remember what he has accomplished.

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