Andy Murray Joins The #1 Club

For years they were known as top four, and many of us got used to seeing them at the top of the ranking.  The number one spot was held by Roger Federer for a very long time; then it was Rafael Nadal’s turn; Novak Djokovic was next in line for the number one spot and everyone probably thought that he would never be replaced, so dominant was his performance and so large was his lead.  However, no lead is insurmountable and every number one ranked player will eventually be replaced by someone new.  The depth in men’s tennis is incredible, anyone in the top twenty can potentially become the number one ranked player; however, it is not so easy.  To be the best, you have to want to be the best and be willing to make the sacrifices day in and day out to accomplish that goal.


murray-and-mauresmoI have watched Murray mature in front of my eyes.  He has done everything that he needed to do to get to the top of the ladder.  He put in the work on and off the court to get in better shape.  He has experimented with coaches until he found the team that was able to help him maximize his potential.  Despite his ever-present angry outbursts on court, he has learned how to use that to motivate him.  He has come to realize that if he wanted to be at the very top, he needed to make the commitment and to persevere in matches even when his game wasn’t there or he was not fully motivated.  He has learned that the top guys know how to win and will get the victory because they will dig deep to find that other level of reserve.  Murray fully earned the number one ranking and we want to congratulate him.


SOURCE OF IMAGE: Creative Commons

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