Step Out Of Your Feelings

Feelings are transient and therefore misleading, no one is happy every second of every day and likewise, no one is unhappy every second of the every day.  We make our decisions based on our feelings; however, usually the most important ones are often made when we are upset, which can have disastrous consequences. If the majority of us went by our feelings on any given day, we would be surprised how many of us would turn off the alarm and pull the covers over our heads.  There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get the things you want accomplished as well as get the rest you need.  Many people are chronically sleep deprived, which affects them on every level.  You are more inclined to get frustrated and angry when you have not had enough rest.  Your tolerance for the ups and downs of life is lower when you lack proper rest, when you are distracted by fatigue.

Step out of your feelings of negativity, because even when things are bad, as horrible as this sounds, someone else is in a worse situation.  Step out of your feelings of hopelessness, because as long as you are breathing there is hope.  You can become overwhelmed by your feelings and sometimes you feel the only way to calm your emotions is to fall back into the bad habits you have developed over the years for coping.  I remember reading once, “crazy is doing the same thing over and over again; yet, expecting a different result.”  It is not easy but you can change how you respond to those feelings that illicit negative behavior if you can stop to remember two things: your response is a habit and you can change that habit; secondly, you are not alone in this battle if you believe in higher being and trust Him to guide you.

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