Thinking That You Are “Not Good Enough”?

So many people suffer from feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem/confidence.  They feel that they are not “good enough” and in an effort to suppress those thoughts and negative feelings they find themselves making choices that are often unwise. We live in a world that has managed to sell the belief that “image is everything”, making vulnerable individuals feel even more insecure when they do not “measure up”.  If you are not tall enough, thin enough, pretty enough, or have the right skin color then you are not “good enough”.  THAT IS ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE.  We are all good enough just as we are because we are all children of God and He does not make mistakes.

beautyOf course it is difficult to believe this when you are surrounded by the media that continuously sells you on plastic surgery and fad diets because their impression of “beauty” is based on the superficial.  Your beauty is not defined by your physical attributes or external appearance; you have heard the saying, “How can such a pretty person be so ugly?” You are beautiful because of your character of integrity and generosity.  Try convincing teenagers of that when they are not the popular kids in school.   I firmly believe that we can convince teenagers of this if we go back to the basics.  “You are what you think”; therefore, start thinking positively. Don’t be impressed by the superficial because despite the fact that we can have surgical make-overs, no amount of surgery can stop the process of aging and you cannot buy class.

Superficial beauty will always fade, but the beauty of a person who has integrity and a generous personality will last forever.


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