Rejection In Any Form Hurts

Everyone has felt the sting of rejection at some point in their life.  As you read this sentence you may remember the sensation of hurt at being rejected.  While the hurt fades with time; some people hold on to the negative thoughts engendered by the initial rejection.  These thoughts if they linger long enough in your mind become part of your belief system.  One such prominent belief that develops is that you were rejected because “you are not good enough”.

Here are some facts about rejection:

  • Rejection in the work place pertains to your idea or your performance; it is usually not personal.
  • In most cases, rejection is not meant to be malicious.
  • It’s not the end of the world.
  • If one door closes, another will open because what God intends for you, no one can prevent.
  • In relationships, yes, rejection is personal; however, in such instances, it’s their loss.
  • If you get turned done for a job, it was not meant for you.


There is a plethora of emotions you experience when you get rejected: hurt, anger, disappointment, frustration and feelings of inadequacy are a few of the instinctive emotions that you may immediately feel.  There is no avoiding these feelings; however, realize that you are not alone.  Harsh and probably hard to accept when you are the one being rejected, everyone cannot get the job.  That may dent your ego, because after all you think you are the best qualified for the position and it’s good to be self-confident; however, there are so many factors that come into play when such decisions are made, being the best for the position will not necessarily guarantee that you get the job.


When rejection is personal, it’s a little harder to process emotionally.  After all you were invested in the relationship and you thought this person was a friend.  Inexplicably the relationship has dissolved and you had no say in the decision.  At first you may go above and beyond to try to salvage the relationship; however, when that fails, you may find yourself asking for an explanation.  Here’s a fact, most people will never be honest enough to tell you the truth.  Some people come into your life for a time and a season and when that time is over, you need to let them go.  Yet, letting go for some people is a very difficult thing to do and they hold on to their detriment.



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