Serena Finally Wins Number 23


CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: [2] Serena Williams (USA) vs. [13] Venus Williams (USA)

This was the 9th time that the sisters have played each other in a Major final; however, it’s the 28th time overall that they’ve battled against each other for victory.  Battle is misleading though since the matches we have seen have not quite lived up to the talent of the opponents because they are both busy fighting internal emotional battles.  How can their full killer instinct be expressed when the person across the net is their dearly loved sister?  This conflict makes their matches less than spectacular for the fans because you often feel that both players are not attacking the ball the same way they would if their opponent was someone else and it takes away from the usual intensity and excitement of a match.


Nevertheless, their matches still capture the fans’ attention because they secretly hope that this time the opponents will forget their emotional attachment and play with ferocious abandon. This match was different though, each wanted to win for at least one very compelling reason: Venus because she had not won a Major title since 2008; and Serena because she wanted to claim her 23rd Major title (which would break the current tie with Steffi Graf).  As a big fan of the Williams sisters, I often struggle to watch their matches because I want them both to win; unrealistic of course.  Venus has struggled with Sjogren’s Syndrome and it would’ve meant a lot to her to come all the way back to win the title; however, how could she be the one who prevented Serena from winning number 23 and regaining the number 1 ranking? On the flip side how could Serena prevent Venus from winning her 8th Major title?

It was a dilemma and in the end it was solved by Serena when she won 6-4, 6-4.

SOURCE OF IMAGE: Bing search/Guardian

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