Federer Wins Number 18


CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: [9] Rafael Nadal (ESP) vs. [17] Roger Federer (SUI)

Their rivalry is legendary and their matches have been ferociously competitive from start to finish.  So we expected this final to be another punishing battle; however, both players are just coming back from injury layoffs and their paths to the final have not been easy. Federer’s path to the final: J. Melzer (4); N. Rubin (3); T. Berdych (3); K. Nishikori (5); M. Zverev (3); S. Wawrinka (5).  Nadal’s path to the final: F. Mayer (3); M. Baghdatis (3); A. Zverev (5); G. Monfils (4); M. Raonic (3); G. Dimitrov (5).  They each have had two long five set matches and played three seeded players en route to the final.  However, Federer’s total time on court was only 13 hours and 37 minutes compared to Nadal’s of 18 hours and 56 minutes.  Federer’s extra day off going into the final gave him an advantage.


Nadal has openly admitted that he was tired; would fatigue be the factor that prevented Nadal from giving his usual effort and potentially prevent him from beating Federer to claim his 15th Major title? Nerves were a factor on both sides of the court and the advantage went to the player who controlled them better.  Today it was Federer; he wanted this badly and was not going to let Nadal stop him.  Nadal choked in the fifth set and this loss will probably be the hardest one for him to swallow even though it was to Federer.  He had the early break in the fifth set but could not hang on and Federer dug deep into his dwindling reserves and came up big at the crucial points to win his 18th Major title 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 3-6, 6-3.

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  1. This was the match we all wanted…the “dream final”…and it did not disappoint!! Both men played their hearts out!! Since they both have been off the circuit for some time due to injuries and they both loss their season opening challenges…no one expected them to reach the finals of the Australian Open. We also have to thank the #1 & 2 seeds…Murray and Djokovic…for getting bounced in the early rounds and paving the way. I sincerely doubt that we’ll see a match of such epic proportions between these two ever again. They were amazing and I congratulate them both for their performances and expecially Roger for his win!!

    1. Yes, it was the performance on the tournament and it is very sad that one of them had to lose.
      Hopefully Rafa will use this as extra motivation to win Roland Garros this year. He came oh so close.

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