Serve And Rally Takes A Major Step

I am happy to announce a major update of Reghal Media’s tennis blog, SERVEANDRALLY.COM.

We have a new logo, new photo and video galleries (check out the new Meta slider with original photos taken when I attended the 1999 Australian Open).  The singles champions that year were Martina Hingis and Yevgeny Kafelnikov.

I have added a new section called “Beyond Tennis”, which allows me to share some thoughts on philosophy and psychology.

The site update is not only about constantly improving our coverage of the professional tennis world.  It is also a necessity in preparing SERVEANDRALLY.COM as a platform for my next big step: creating athletic and academic opportunities for minority and disadvantaged youth.

I feel very strongly that education is one of the keys for a successful life and I want to make it possible for some underprivileged American students to get that opportunity (and yes, some of them are going to medical school!).  Sometimes all you need is a little encouragement.

My career as a physician was made possible in a fortuitous way by the late Dr. Lloyd Sherman, who was the Director of the Secondary Education Through Health (SETH) Program (when I attended ) and later of the Center For Excellence In Youth Education as it is currently known.  His leadership and passion for education has always inspired me to give back and show minority youth that they too can achieve anything if they apply themselves.  That is one of the reasons I did volunteer work for seven years with high school students and why I must continue helping minority youth through SERVEANDRALLY.

Stay tuned for further announcements on and as SERVEANDRALLY forges new partnerships with academic and athletic groups; 2017 will be a busy and exciting year.


I would like to thank the web developer working behind the scenes who made these changes possible, Olena Gomozova.  We appreciate her meticulous work and insightful input throughout the entire process. Thank you very much!

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