Djokovic Takes A Break From Tennis

Djokovic takes a break from tennis

Novak Djokovic has not been his usual dominant self and there was much speculation about the cause.  He announced recently that he will take the rest of the season off to heal his elbow, an injury that has been bothering him for some time now.  It has also been an emotional year for the former number one ranked male player, who disbanded his entire team at the beginning of the season.  His results have been sub-par by his standards and his recent performance on court has often been erratic.  At times there were glimpses of the brilliant dominant player that he once was followed by stretches of play where you were left scratching your head in bewilderment.  Thus, while the break will cause his ranking to drop precipitously, it is a much needed respite for the Serbian.

You cannot heal on the tennis court and playing hurt can often further aggravate an existing injury, which can potentially have long-lasting deleterious physical and mental consequences. There may be doubts about his desire and questions about his motivation; however, this time away will give him time to reflect on his tennis goals in the comfort of his home with family and close friends.  He is also expecting his second child and while that is a joyful occasion, there is also stress involved.  He can put tennis aside for some time and focus fully on his family and that is always a good thing since being on Tour has to take valuable time away from loved ones.  Djokovic will regain his ranking if that is what he wishes once he returns fully recovered and refreshed next year.

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