Harrison Fights Off The Rain And Millman

Harrison fights off rain and Millman

BB&T Atlanta Open, USA

[42] Ryan Harrison (USA) vs. [174] John Millman (AUS)

This was their first meeting and Millman was primed after defeating Frances Tiafoe in the previous round; yet, it was the American who broke first.  When you struggle with doubt, it takes very little to make you uncomfortable on the tennis court.  Worse, you can become distracted by the smallest things.  Harrison seemed in control after breaking early; yet, for no apparent reason he lost his serve to give the break back to the Australian, complicating the match and creating more pressure for himself because now he was serving from behind.  To further increase his tension, the rain came and play was suspended with Harrison trailing 4-5.

He would have the entire rain delay to ponder where things went wrong and try to regain his composure for the battle ahead.  Millman had nothing to lose, the burden of expectation rested squarely and perhaps uncomfortably on the shoulders of the American.  Harrison was supposed to have the bigger serve but he served less than fifty percent for the first set and had no answer for the attack of his opponent in the tiebreak.  He was on the brink of elimination in the second set when Millman returned the favor and got broken as he served for the match.

There is no place to hide on the tennis court and even less time to handle your emotions when things are not working the way you expected; some players handle adversity better than others and some players implode or perhaps, explode from the tension and frustration.  Harrison found a way to fight through his emotions and with a little help from his opponent, who was struggling with nerves at the end, won it 6-7(2), 7-6(4), 7-5.


SOURCE OF IMAGE:  Bing search (Zimbio)

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