Errani Adds to Bouchard’s Frustration

Sara Errani

Volvo Car Open, USA

[95] Sara Errani (ITA) vs. [111] Eugenie Bouchard (CAN)

They had split their two previous encounters; however, a lot has changed for both players since the last time they played each other in 2014. The once dominant Canadian is a shadow of her former self. The same way that winning breeds confidence; losing does the same in reverse. The more you lose, the less confident you are in your game.

The question in everyone’s mind that remembers the Canadian when she was ranked in the top ten at number five is “When will she return?”

It is looking less and less promising when you watch her lose a match the way she did today. Errani is a wily opponent and on clay, she is dangerous; however, Bouchard at her best would have won this match. Errani is not the confident player she once was either; however, her struggles have come as a result of physical injury, while Bouchard’s struggle is more mental.

Only Bouchard knows what she is feeling and thinking when she steps on court. She has to get back to a place mentally where she sets small goals and accomplishes them. With each little success, she will hopefully get back to the player of 2014. Sometimes we forget the psychological and emotional turmoil that a young player faces when they achieve tremendous success.

It’s easy to get carried away, it’s easy to believe that success is always going to be easily achieved; however, when the reality sets it, it can be a rude awakening that some players are not ready to handle. I would like to see the Bouchard of 2014, the player who was fearless and happy playing tennis. Now that gleam is missing in her eyes and her game.

Today was another unsuccessful outing for the Canadian. Errani did what she does best, ran everything down and frustrated her opponent to win 6-4, 6-4.

SOURCE OF IMAGE: (Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images AsiaPac- Sara Errani)

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