Clijsters To Return, Halep Reunites With Cahill and Osaka Splits With Jenkins

Simona Halep has decided to reunite with coach Darren Cahill for the 2020 season. I think that is a good thing for both as they worked well together. Cahill coached Halep to the number one ranking in 2017 and 2018 and the French Open title in 2018. They ended their coaching relationship last November; however, it was an amicable split, which allows for this 2020 reconnection.

FELIPE TRUEBA/Getty Images Europe: Simona Halep

Another Comeback Planned For Clijsters

Kim Clijsters plans to make her second return to tennis in 2020. Clijsters retired from tennis for the first time in 2006. While she was away from tennis, she got married (2007) and had her first child, Jada (2008). She came out of retirement for the first time in 2009. That was a very productive comeback for the Belgium, who won two US Open titles and one Australian Open title during that time.

Clijsters retired from tennis for the second time in 2011. Since that retirement, she had a second child, Jack (2013). So, it will be nine years since her second retirement and the Belgium is willing to come out of retirement again because she “loves the challenge”.

Clijsters is currently thirty-six-years-old, what will the Belgium accomplish on this comeback? I think she believes that she can accomplish much otherwise, she would not be coming back; thus, I am curious to see is she can challenge the field and be a legitimate threat for the big titles.

The Belgium turned professional in 1997 and attained the number one ranking on 08.11.2003. When she retired for the second time, she was ranked thirteen.

Another Coach Change For Osaka

Naomi Osaka splits with her coach Jermaine Jenkins. The tennis world was shocked when Osaka abruptly announced her split from coach Sascha Bajin who coached her to the 2018 US Open and 2019 Australian Open titles. Months after teaming up with Jenkins, Osaka abruptly splits again from her coach. So now everyone is on pins and needles waiting to see who will be her next coach? I am waiting to see how long she will stay with this new coach as gone are the days when players and coach are a team for many years. Today it seems the fashionable thing for many players to trade in their coach for a new one when the shine wears off, just as they trade in their car or iPhone when the newer model comes out.

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