Why I Disagree With The G.O.A.T. Concept

Ranked number one Nadal

I am disputing the concept of the G.O.A.T. Usually on Mondays I write about the ranking changes of the top hundred players on the ATP and WTA Tours, but not today because there were no significant changes. So, I will choose to rant about the Nitto ATP Finals instead.  Why?

Sport History Needs Logic

It shows us once again that tennis is an extremely complicated sport and to give someone the title as the “greatest of all times” is premature and illogical.  All times is not a finite term.  All times become finite when something is done, finished. 

Since there is still tennis being played every season, and we hope that tennis will continue to be played for a long time to come, there can be no “greatest of all times” (G.O.A.T.). Rafa has tied Federer with the most major titles (20); however, he has never won an ATP Finals title.

No G.O.A.T. Until Tennis Stops

Why?  Again, we have no idea what future players will arrive on the scenes (ATP & WTA) to outshine and outperform Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, and Steffi Graf.  We can, however, give these four great players the recognition they deserve.  We can give them kudos for what they have accomplished.

I Admire The Grit of Rafa & Serena

Everyone who follows my blog knows I am an avid fan of Nadal and Serena Williams.  Why,  Rafa and Serena?  They remind me of myself.  Despite the “perceived obstacles in our lives”, our determination and grit has allowed us to perform way and above the expectations of others and “frankly even ourselves”. 

Don’t get me wrong, I fully acknowledge that Federer and Graf are/were gifted players and I do not take anything away from their accomplishments because they had a significant advantage, “smiling“.

Serena Williams top 5 sports

Top 10 ATP & WTA Ranking Changes

ATP:  there were no new rankings available for this week.  Novak Djokovic remains at #1 and will probably end the season at number one because he does not have any points to defend, and his lead over the other players in the top ten is quite significant.

WTA: Aryna Sabalenka (#10) displaces Serna Williams (#11) from the tenth spot.  Sabalenka won the recent tournament in Linz, giving her much needed points to overtake the American and end her season ranked in the top ten.  Ashleigh Barty has locked in the #1 ranking.  There will be no WTA Finals this season due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

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