Rafael Nadal’s Mindset Cost Him The Match

You may believe, feel, or think that I do not know what I am talking about; however, bear with me for a few sentences.  You may have heard that where you focus, that is the direction you take or go.  You will get to the destination where you have invested your mind and hence your energy to achieving.

Fearing Loss, He Did Lose Indeed

Nadal was not focused on winning this match (a positive or abundant mindset); instead, Nadal was focused on “his fear of losing this match” (a negative or paucity mindset).  He was fearful.  In other words, he was full or fear, and in that state, he lost his clarity, and forgot his purpose.  His purpose being, to win his first ATP Finals title.

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A Paucity Mindset Trapped Nadal

Fear may take you to the finish line often, and it may even give you a few crumbs, placating you and making you feel good.  However, you will LOSE more in life when you play or live from a “state of fear”.  Love on the other hand will take you to the finish line more often, and while you may have a few losses and not successfully cross the line all the time; you will consistently WIN more in life when you play or live from a “state of love”.

Interestingly, even when you believe, feel, or think you lost playing from a state of love, you won.  You won because you gained valuable information and you discovered buried talents and strengths within you that had not been previously noticed and appreciated.

Medvedev Had A Positive Mindset

Daniil Medvedev played fearless (without fear) tennis.  His attitude was I will give this my best effort to win and if I do not achieve this goal, it was not in the cards for me this time around.  He did not wallow in fear, he accepted gracefully the possibility that he may lose; however, he used discipline to stay focused on his objective: win this match, get his first victory over Nadal and get a chance to win his first ATP Tour finals title. Medvedev had a positive and abundant mindset.  He played from a state of victory, convinced that he could win, believing that he would win and therefore, he won.

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Fear Leaves No Room For Love

Nadal served for the match in the second send, up 6-3, 5-4 and lost the match 6-3, 6-7(4), 3-6. His mind was clouded by fear and his heart was full of fear; therefore, when abundance presented itself, he was unable to embrace it. By the time he regained clarity and his focus, his energy was too depleted to mount a successful recovery.

Nadal’s Need Was His Undoing

They both equally desired and wanted to win; however, only one desperately needed to win.  The one who needed to because he felt there was a lack was the one who lost (Nadal lost his chance to potentially grow his legacy: he limited his potential because he had a paucity mindset).  Medvedev opened the door to his potential by playing from a state of enough/fullness and abundance: love.

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