How Will The 2021 Tennis Season Unfold?

2021 tennis season

The 2021 tennis season is underway with the ATP Cup; yet there is still a sense that something is missing.  In reality, a lot is missing.  Tennis, like so many sporting activities and events where there would normally be large gatherings of people seem a distant memory.  Will we ever have a stadium or arena with a full capacity of fans at an event ever again?

2021 The New Era Of Tennis

We are all waiting to see what the 2021 season brings.  How enticing and engaging will it be for the players and the fans as we go into another season with the threat of this coronavirus pandemic still hanging over our heads.

The Changing Landscape of Tennis

There is no doubt that change is a necessary part of life; in fact, change is essential for growth.  However, the current changes being made in tennis seem a tad too much.  When we dilute the game that was built on some fundamental principles and create a game that no longer embodies the sport of tennis [traditions], you lose the essence of what made tennis appealing to many fans.

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Was Change Necessary In Tennis?

The scoring system, the number of sets, the traditional Federation and Davis Cups; these are some of the aspects of the game that made it fun.  They made you sit on the edge of your seat waiting to see, which player or team would prevail.  It was a game where players not only pitted their mental strength against that of the opponents, but they also showed who were physically fitter.  It allowed fans to get into the game when you saw a player willing to scrap and fight for every point three or four hours into the match.  Oh, I am sure that we will eventually adapt to the new style of tennis; yet will we enjoy it as much?

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