Williams Sisters Version 3.0


This will be the thirtieth time that the sisters will face each other as opponents in a tennis match and younger sister Serena leads the head-to-head 17:12; however, a lot has changed in both of their lives over the last couple of years. Serena Williams gave birth to her daughter and had a recovery that…

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US Open Defending Champion

Defending champion

Rafael Nadal is the number one ranked player and the number one seed at the final major of the year, the US Open. Today I had the pleasure of watching him practice in the new Louis Armstrong Stadium…….and if you are a Nadal fan…..enjoy the following photos. The defending champion will begin his bid to…

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The Changing Face of Tennis


It seems like I have been away from tennis for a long time; however, although I have not been blogging as regularly as I used to, I have been following. Life got in the way. Now I understand how tennis players can take mental or even physical breaks from the sport and be okay. While…

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